1. What is the requirement to attend the online class?

Ans. A Laptop/Desktop/Computer/Tablet/Mobile an internet connection.

2. How can a student can enrol for the class?

Ans. Two ways the student can enrol

a) If the student is already under a tutor, the teacher will provide access by giving a password.

b) If the site gets an enquiry, we divert the student to the top teachers in our review list.

3. How will the student enter the class?

Ans. Each registered student can enter using their login name and password given by the tutor they signed up with.

4. How will the online class take place?

Ans. Online classes will take place LIVE face to face with the teacher through Computer or Laptop or Desktop or Tablet or Mobile at your home itself. You just need an Internet connection and headphone (headphone optional). Headphone is required when your Mobile Laptop or desktop's speaker & microphone are not working. Simple earphones with microphone can also be used if your Laptop or desktop's speaker & microphone are not working. The online classes will be same as the physical and traditional offline classes, because there will be two way communication where students and teacher can communicate through voice during the class. You have a chat box in case you have anything to ask as well as a mic.

5. How can we enter the class?

Ans. Teacher – Can enter only after they register.

Student – Can log in only after the teacher admits you.

6. Can the students clear doubts as the class is on?

Ans. Yes, they can clear their doubts by speaking to the teacher as there is voice interaction in live classes or you can chat in the text box in case you want to write it down.

7. What will be the timings for live classes?

Ans. The teacher will set the timings for their classes.

8. Will the students have an orientation about how the classes will be conducted?

Ans. Before the actual class starts, Teaching Care staff will show you how to enter the live classroom. It's a kind of brief technical orientation class where we explain classroom tools, do troubleshooting as well as make sure that your computer/laptop/tablet/ and Mobile system is working fine and there will not be any problem during the live class with the teacher. It is done in advance so that teacher's precious time and your class time is not wasted during the actual class. It ensures that you are prepared to take the class at the scheduled date(s) and timings; and that your desktop/laptop/computer/ i- Pad & internet connection are working well before the actual class time. Please ensure you have sufficient internet data and data validity so that the class/session goes well without any hindrance and interruption.

9. What happens if the student has missed a live class?

Ans. In that case the teacher will take a call if she wants to reschedule the class again. Also there will be multimedia added by the teacher on the topic, the students can refer to those.

10. What are the advantages of online classes?

Ans. Online classes are similar to normal classroom coaching: The environment is just like a normal classroom. There is two way interaction between teacher and student: In addition to two way voice communication, there is a chat box where you can enter your doubt or query and the teacher will respond accordingly. You can learn from the multimedia the teacher has uploaded for the class whenever you want.

Online coaching is not expensive: The fee will be always lesser than offline coaching.

Saves Travelling Time: There is no need to travel for hours when you can have the option of getting quality teaching at your place only. No need to shift to a major city or put your kid in a hostel alone. Our virtual classroom platform does the task of connecting a student with the best teacher right from your home.

Access Quality Teachers anywhere: There is no chance of missing the classes even If you are out of station. Have your laptop with you and take classes from anywhere you want. If you have an Android phone you can connect from the phone too.

No worry for child safety & security: Especially for girl child the safety issues are no more a problem.

Avoids unnecessary commute in heavy traffic congestion especially in metro cities

You can take classes with any tutors: You don’t need to learn from teachers from the same area or town but can reach out to teachers from anywhere.

You can be a teacher: In case you need to share or show a video or presentation, you can share your screen with the teacher and class too.

Access to the teacher resources: The students will have access to all the multimedia materials the teacher posts in the room for students at all times.

11. Is there any other platform where we can put our views and opinions?

Ans. We do have the Polls section and a Discussion Forum room where you can post.

12. Will there be PTM’s (Parent Teacher Meetings)?

Ans. If the teacher wishes to organise a PTM she will allocate a day when the parents can come online live or the parents can have a one to one call with the teacher on call with her permission.

13. What types of programs & courses are offered?

Ans. We are offering no courses, we only have created a platform for the teachers to provide the courses of their choice.

14. How do I pay the fees to the institute?

Ans. We have Razorpay gateway which accepts all Indian wallets in case of Online transfer. One can also use cheque, demand draft, NEFT. We also have a PayPal account on request.

15. What is the fee refund policy?

Ans. The teacher takes full responsibility for the student fees. Just like in a physical class.

16. When will the teacher be paid the fees?

Ans. The fees of her/his students will be transferred into the teachers account by the 1st week of every month.

17. Can only teachers sign in on tutorville?

Ans. No, all those who want to take their teaching learning online can register. For eg. Tutors, trainers, coaches, art teachers, gym trainers, drawing teachers, etc.

18. Do you offer Demo or Trial class before joining?

Ans. If and when we get an enquiry from the students looking for a particular class, we share the details with the teacher and she gets in touch with the student.

19. What’s the batch size? Will I get personal attention?

Ans. A maximum of 20-30 students in one batch will be permitted.

20. What is the fees structure?

Ans. The fees will be set by the teachers.

Tutorville will deduct 9% service charges in 18%GST every month from the fees paid to the tutors.

21. Do you provide Career Counselling to students?

Ans. We do have a career and a general counsellor available at all times for the students.*

22. Can we ask for a Refund?

Ans. Since we are just the mediators between teachers and students. The students connect to the class via the teacher. The teacher has the say for the refund.

23. What happens if the tutors drop out the platform?

Ans. We allow you to sign up with another teacher with her permission charging the same amount till the end of the month and then it will be the students call if they want to be directed to another tutor.

24. Will I as a teacher own my content?

Ans. Absolutely, only you have a copyright to your content.

25. Where do I get GST inputs?

Ans. You need to add GST details in the profile section in the student dashboard.

26. Can a teacher sign in if she/he has no students yet?

Ans. Most definitely, a teacher can add a course content or a topic, free or paid to grab attention from other students. It can be a marketing platform to sell courses too.

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