With the change in our lifestyles and the pace at which the world is changing, it time for us to change too. We bring you your teaching/learning to you digital.

Tutorville has created a tutor/ trainer/teacher friendly platform that will allow educators to create digital classes whereby they can store the course materials online; manage class discussions; give assignments, quizzes and exams; monitor due dates; grade results and provide students with feedback all in one place. It also enhances the learning of the students at the Forum and poll section and offer a new dimension for interaction and efficient learning. It will also help educators post their views and opinions and open a discussion for the students to open to opinions and view, thus learning respect, empathy and care for humanity at mass.

Tutorville is a connection to the real world with no barriers to explore, connect and learn at any given time and pace. It is an easy to use, yet powerful solution that will be the new standard for open technology in education. This is a 360 degree learning where the educators can have live classes, live streaming, pre-recorded classes. It is a safe zone for all who land on Tutorville. Each educator a personal space where they will have a graph on their front page where they can view the number of students, fees received and top selling subjects


Our business model is very different from other providers as our platform is completely unique.

• The teachers will have a free registration, I will them who will be responsible to get the students to them.

• They will market their own work.

• We will be supporting partners for them in the marketing by posting their ads or information on our website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

• If we get an enquiry from any student requiring a tutor or a specific class we will direct them to the top 10 teachers on our list. (if she consents for a free demo class)

• No documents – PPT, pdf, videos, audios will be given by us. They have to create their own lesson plans for their students.

• For marketing and promotion they can have free classes posted which will be visible to all students.

• They get the due amount after the deduction of 9%/month excluding GST from it as service charges.


If a teacher charges Rs. 1000 per student

9% which is Rs. 90 will be deducted and the rest will be send to her account between 1st & 5th of every month.

The payment gateway is Razor pay which accepts all India wallets and also PayPal


- Tutorville platform targets all who need to go online to teach/train.

- Digital classes on Tutorville.net are created and managed by the teachers/ professors.

- Teachers/Professors have full administrative rights on student participation in their class.

a. Students need an access code to join the class. If a student shares the code outside the class, the teacher can change it, without affecting students who are already enrolled in the class.

b. Teachers can delete posts and remove class members.

c. It is them who has a final say in case they want the student to be removed.

d. Bulk messages and bulk emails can be sent with an extra minimal pay.

e. the class/session can be recorded for future reference of the teacher.

- The content created within the digital classes can be viewed by the class members only as they are effectively closed groups.

- Private conversation between students is not possible. Students may only communicate to the whole class or the teacher, which reduces opportunities for cyber-bullying.

- The teacher will have quarterly meeting with the admin and connect with other teachers on board with like-minded educators to exchange ideas, get advice and share resources.

- An app for android can be a handy tool for all to take and attend classes

- Parental access to their children’s posts/grades and to the teacher is an optional feature, which is also to be launched soon.

- Tutorville does not have any advertisements.

- There are sub-classrooms to conduct activities and segregate students in to different groups during live classes.

- Whiteboard is a part of every classroom.


- It’s easy to learn and use. It is not overloaded with complicated features and presents a user-friendly interface.

- Time saving. Imagine you have to grade 143 tests comprising 50 multiple choice questions each! The software will do it for you.*

- No more photocopying, carrying and grading stacks of paper and writing comments out. All of this can be done online for your assignments, tests and quizzes whenever wherever you are.

- Enhanced learning: In today's classrooms, there is often limited time to cover topics fully. We as a learning platform, additional resources can be used to enhance learning.

- Great platform for Blended Learning initiatives: If you are looking to incorporate more digital content in your curriculum and looking for a robust platform that is affordable Tutorville is a perfect fit.

- No more being absent due to snow days, swine flu, extended absences or just attending to a conference, teachers are able to be connected with their students.

- Safe environment: With no advertisements and a process which gives full control to the teachers/professors for managing the classes, We addresses the fundamental concerns of privacy and safety. The content created within the digital classes can be viewed by the class members only! Except the free classes which will be visible to all students.

- Digital citizenship: Tutorville provides teachers the opportunity to teach responsible interaction via digital means, reinforcing good digital citizenship among students.

- Support: The support Tutorville team offers is amazing! We get back to any queries within 24 hours.


- Easy to use for all age groups. Pre-schoolers to educators and trainers.

- Online resources and materials stored in digital classes are at the fingertips of the users.

- Allows students not only to learn from their teachers but enhances independent learning.

- Online forum discussions promote collaborative exploration and critical thinking and hence foster deeper understanding among students towards the subject matter. Respect, empathy and care for others.

- We make the students techno savvy at some level as they build their skills of becoming independent and responsible by logging in to view and submit assignments and hence monitor progress.

- We show the students the flip side of technology by creating a healthy learning platform.

- Students enjoy the gadgets thus enjoy being in a classroom with no doors and barriers. And learning happens anytime anywhere.

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